Our Beginner's Guide to Manitoba - Why You Should Settle Here

When you're trying to find a city to settle in, there are many factors you need to consider, such as the standard of living, employment situation, local economy, culture, and more. Some would even want to consider living a slower life and get out of the hustle and bustle of major cities by moving to the province.

One of Canada's three prairie provinces is Manitoba. Located in the center of Canada, Manitoba is home to over a million people, and the largest city in the province, Winnipeg, has a population of 780,000. The second-largest city, Brandon, is home to around 53,000 people. And over the years, Manitoba has experienced an increase in immigrants and currently has 13,000 choosing to settle within its borders yearly.

If you're looking for a city to settle in and start a new life, consider working with the best real estate agent in Manitoba so they can help you find the perfect town and housing that will fit your lifestyle.

Besides that, our beginner's guide on Manitoba will give you an overview of what makes this amazing city the perfect place to settle in. Let's get to it!

Economy and Employment

If you're part of the mining, manufacturing, and agriculture industry, Manitoba would be an ideal city for you. Farming has always been a primary occupation for Manitoba residents and is known to produce high-quality wheat, barley, oats, flax, sunflower, dairy, and other livestock farms.

Because of farming and agriculture, their food processing industries also began, along with manufacturing, transportation, and even aerospace industries.

At present, Manitoba's unemployment rate is around 5.6%, which is below the Canadian average of 6.8%. With that, the city's economy is expected to grow even more. Additionally, the mandatory minimum wage in Manitoba is $10.70. It also has one of the lowest marginal personal income tax rates in Canada.

Standard of Living

One of the best things about living in Manitoba is the low cost of living, allowing you to enjoy an incredibly comfortable life. In Manitoba, housing, energy, insurance, and even education are the least expensive in the country. Because residents of the province won't need to spend much, Manitobans can set aside money for vacation homes and leisure activities.


People are drawn to settle in Manitoba because housing in this city costs pretty low. When you're looking for a house to buy, you should know that Manitoba's residential housing market is highly competitive, meaning affordable housing options will always be available.

On average, a house in Manitoba would cost $271,000, making it one of the lowest in any province in the country. Besides that, residential areas are close to various facilities, making running errands, getting work, or bringing your kids to school much easier.

If you're considering buying a house in Manitoba, it's best to speak to the best real estate agent in the city so you can find the best deals and housing options in the city.


One of the reasons many people love Manitoba is its unique blend of cultures brought together by immigration. Because multiculturalism is embraced in this city, Manitobans celebrate numerous ethnic festivals that highlight the strength of various cultures.

Besides being a culture-centred city, Manitobans are also known to be friendly and extremely generous. This province is known to have high volunteerism rates, and residents are quite generous towards various charitable causes. 


Now that you have an overview of how wonderful Manitoba is, you're probably convinced about moving to this vibrant city. Before you pack your bags, make sure to speak to the best real estate agent so you can find the best home for you and your family. By doing this, you'll be able to find your dream home in Manitoba in no time!

Are you thinking of moving to Manitoba? Speak to the best real estate agent in town. I am Chris Low, a real estate agent specializing in buying and selling residential, commercial, and farm real estate in Brandon and Virden, Manitoba. Learn more about my services today!


New property listed in Brandon
I have listed a new property at 9 Imperial Crescent in Brandon.
A03//Brandon/Welcome home, move right into this fully finished immaculately kept 4 level split! The upper level offers three bedrooms, a four piece bathroom and a spacious master with two piece ensuite. The main floor boasts an upgraded kitchen (2013) and living/dining room layout including a gas fireplace your family will find perfect for entertaining and relaxing. Newer windows throughout provide an abundance of natural light! The lower level features another cozy living space with a stand alone gas fireplace, and a newly renovated three piece bathroom (2020). The fully finished fourth level includes a large den with tons of storage, a fourth bedroom and the laundry/utility room which includes a cedar lined closet. A few more features and upgrades include: Upgraded custom window coverings, renovated 4th level bedroom with new window meeting egress, High efficency furnace, HWT (2019), flooring throughout (2013), fully fenced landscaped yard including covered deck and insulated 20X24 garage.. (id:2493)

New property listed in Brandon
I have listed a new property at 6 Chinook Way in Brandon.
B08//Brandon/Brookwood Estates condominiums offer the space and feel of a single-family home, without the maintenance. This 1524 square foot bungalow features 9' ceilings, a spacious chef's kitchen, modern gas fireplace and an abundance of natural light. The master bathroom features his and her sinks, custom tiled shower and spacious walk in closet with custom organized living shelving. The unfinished walkout basement which you can finish to your liking, features large south facing windows onto a private greenspace. List price includes GST. (id:2493)

Increasing Your Chances at Securing a House Offer

Finding the right house is truly a difficult task—and doing so might take you weeks, or even months, just to get a lead. Every house hunt begins with you looking for a home that is most suitable for your needs, while everything else, such as your additional amenities and nearby conveniences, come in later on. However, when buying a house, you should make sure that you are satisfied with the house that you have chosen from the onset to not end up with a bad investment.

You must make all the right decisions, from the lead up to making the offer, to get your best chance of getting your dream home. Here below are a few tips on how you can increase the chances of securing a home:

Making The Right Offer

Finding the right home might be difficult—but you shouldn’t be too discouraged since the next step is going to be fairly easy. Making the offer after a home appraisal is probably the easiest step in acquiring a home since all you have to do is make contact with a real estate agent!

The real estate agent is the one responsible to create the connection between you and the seller, although you have to make sure that you communicate to your own agent that you can guarantee the purchase. A seller will be more inclined to secure the spot for you if you can communicate with them that you are sure of your decision and you know the home’s value.

Get Advanced Approval

To help make the transaction faster for you, your agent, and the seller, you should understand that selling a home can also be rough. This is why it’s a good move if you can get your finance approved in advance—which is important so that you know what budget you will be working with!

Advanced approval will also help ensure that there won’t be any further delays for the payment, which is a high probability for those who don’t prepare the payment in advance.

Making The Best Out Of Your Offer

A great way for you to help secure the spot is by setting up deadlines for the seller. This will ensure that both you and the seller are acting quickly and promptly for the sale to happen. Making these quick offers help you secure the spot since you are negating wasting extra time that could give other people time to make other offers to the same seller that could bump you out of the running.

If another person were to make a better offer than you, then the seller is most likely going to sell the home to the other person instead of you—which isn’t surprising. You should also bear in mind that giving the seller your highest offer will also make the transaction go faster since it’s rare for other people to bid higher than you if you already set the bar up high!


Now that you’ve quickly gone through this guide, you should now be able to get a better grasp of how you can secure the house that you have been eyeing for quite some time now. It’s important to remember that the speed of securing a house isn’t solely on the seller—it’s up to you and your agent’s capabilities to speed along the process too.

Chris Low is a real estate agent that buys and sells residential, commercial, and farm real estate across Brandon, Virden, and Manitoba. If you need help with buying a house, selling your properties, or anything related to real estate, schedule an appointment with one of the biggest industry experts in the area today!


Things Homebuyers Are Always on the Lookout For

House hunting can be a tricky affair, so the most seasoned homebuyers and cautious first-timers will always be on the lookout for specific things to ensure that buying a particular house is the best decision. Sellers looking to get their house off the market as quickly as possible can take a few cues from what buyers have in mind to improve their marketability. Here are some of the factors that homebuyers will always keep their eyes peeled for when looking for homes for sale near them.

Energy Star Ratings

A good Energy Star rating is the common denominator for an energy-efficient home. This rating is applicable not only to appliances but also to windows and even houses as a whole. For the careful homebuyer, this signifies that their electricity bills will be lower and that they will be living in a more environmentally friendly house.

Noticeable and Hidden Flaws

Careful homebuyers are always evaluating what your house is worth, so any flaws that aren’t properly fixed will catch their attention. This is especially true when home sellers try to conceal flaws without really resolving the issue. While a fresh coat of paint may be an indicator of a renovation, it could also be hiding water damage in the walls just in time for the showing. Some sellers have also tried to disguise loud neighbourhoods with music playing during the showing. Any home that looks like it’s too staged or planned out will prompt buyers to investigate a little more thoroughly, uncovering any hidden flaws that might be present on the property.

New or Old Appliances

Simply put, old or outdated appliances won’t be attractive to homebuyers because of the associated repair costs, presence of rust and musty smells, and appearance of these tools. Many homeowners are also looking for places with high Energy Star ratings, which indicate efficiency in power consumption resulting in reduced power costs. Appliances that are loud, clanky, greasy, and have marks are all indicators that they’ll be expensive to operate and don’t bring the home much value.

Good Storage Space

Cramped and stuffy-looking homes are a no-no for many homebuyers, especially given the pandemic-ridden climate of real estate. Creating a spacious environment in the home by storing away any unnecessary items is essential when showing buyers around. Whether sellers decide to keep the place tidy using the garage space or cabinets and drawers, storage spaces must also be kept neat and tidy.

Outdoor Space

Outdoor space has become more important these days compared to previous years. Sufficient yard space, patios, or other outdoor features might just be the deciding factor for many sellers to close their sales. Even small backyard spaces can be made to look more appealing by trimming any overgrowths, clearing away any objects, and adding accessories like flowers and lights.

The Neighborhood

This aspect is more outside the seller’s control, but if you’re flexible, there are ways to work around any setbacks in the neighbourhood. For instance, you can tell your buyers that while the house next door might look unkempt, the people living there are great neighbours and kind people. Be cautious about feeding the buyer things that aren’t true; remain truthful but put a positive spin on things. Highlight some of the great parts of the neighbourhood and why it makes a great place to live overall.


Understanding the way a buyer thinks is crucial for a seller. Buyers are becoming a lot more particular with what they want in a house these days, and there are certain non-negotiables that they will not budge from. The best thing to do is to put yourself in the shoes of someone buying a house. What are the things that you’d look for, and what are the red flags that would definitely put you off? Consider reflecting those in your own home, and you’ll be able to close a sale much faster than you think.

Are you looking for houses for sale near you in Manitoba? Here at Chris Low, we offer real estate agent buying and selling for residential, commercial, and farm real estate. Whether you’re buying, selling, or simply want to estimate your home’s worth, get in touch with us today!


3 Common Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid

When buying a house, you have to learn more about the process involved in real estate transactions as you start looking through different listings. Unfortunately, most aspiring homeowners often purchase without sufficient knowledge, leading them to make costly mistakes. To avoid wasting money, you should prepare in advance and ensure you have all the information you need when you first venture into the residential real estate market. But what exactly are the mistakes you have to avoid?

This article will discuss three common mistakes that homebuyers make when they look for their dream home. Take this as an opportunity to make well-informed house purchase decisions to help you make a cost-effective venture that will define your family’s economic future!

Mistake #1: Not Consulting with Your Family for Their Housing Needs

You need to remember that you aren’t simply buying a personal item, like a pair of shoes or your favourite ice cream. A house is a multi-layered purchase, and it can be one of the biggest investments you and your family can make. That means you have to make sure that everyone can appreciate living in it. Otherwise, you are likely to make some costly sacrifices later on that can land your household in financial trouble.

For example, your significant other may be planning to take their career further, and you may also want to move up at work but risk being relocated away from your current home. You may also plan to purchase a house because you and your spouse may wish to have children soon. To resolve these issues, you have to set your priorities and identify your long-term goals. That way, you can buy a home that will satisfy your family’s immediate needs that will become a valuable lifelong resource!

Mistake #2: Searching for Homes Without Funding Options Ready

The residential real estate market may have fluctuating prices that you can take advantage of, but you cannot choose a viable option without having a financing plan. Remember, most sellers want to have at least a downpayment on their house and a loaning option to satisfy their investments. That’s why you must guarantee everyone that your family has the savings, stable income, and favourable agreements that can lead you to purchase your dream home.

As such, you must remember to be realistic as an aspiring homeowner, meaning you should not purchase a home that you know you cannot pay for in the long run. For instance, you may be amenable to pay the downpayment, but you may not have enough money to meet interest payments. Consult with real estate agents to help you make well-informed decisions.

Mistake #3: Not Looking for the Best Real Estate Agent

Working with the right real estate agent can help you access different listings that you may not find on your own, and you can also avoid making other house purchasing mistakes. That’s because you have the right person providing you with sound advice that they have gathered from their years of experience in the local real estate market. So take your time and consult with an experienced agent to make the best choice for your dream home!


Starting your home buying journey can be challenging, especially when you embark on it alone and have no one guiding you. Fortunately, you now have the working knowledge needed to avoid making ill-advised decisions. Avoid all the common home buying mistakes listed above and start scouting for residential spaces today!

Are you looking for the best houses for sale near you in Manitoba? Consult me, Chris Low, to avoid making the common purchasing mistakes and find the residential property of your dreams! Book your consultation with me today to take active steps in becoming a proud homeowner!


New property listed in Brandon
I have listed a new property at 1065 Sycamore Drive in Brandon.
C15//Brandon/Located in the desirable Woodlands area, this fully finished 3+2 Cab-Over home boasts over 1750 Sq Ft of living space. Stepping up from the entrance way you'll find a sizeable sitting room perfect for extra office space or entertaining guests. The well-appointed kitchen consists of custom maple cabinetry, a centre Island and large pantry. The main floor living/dining room integrates vaulted ceilings, and a gas fireplace accented by slate stone. French doors lead to the two-tiered oversized deck overlooking the backyard. The main floor has two large bedrooms and a 4-piece bathroom. An over-sized upper Master Bedroom includes a walk-in closet and 4-piece en-suite bath. The downstairs area includes a large living space with full kitchen and two more large bedrooms. The downstairs 4-piece bathroom includes a comforting Aerial Steam shower with jetted tub. Walking distance to the brand new Maryland Park Elementary school and Crocus Plains High School, Call your REALTOR to view! (id:2493)

New property listed in Virden
I have listed a new property at 629 Government Road South in Virden.
R33//Virden/This executive style custom home; what your family has been waiting for! 1500 sq ft of space on each floor. At first glance, you will notice how the bilevel design affords loads of sunlight cascading through large windows on both levels. Spectacular main floor presentation featuring vaulted ceiling, well-placed lighting, stunning floors & unique drywall work, perfect for entertaining. French doors provide perfect transition from open-concept living room, kitchen & dining to covered deck that amasses the entire rear span of the home, complete with 2nd set of French doors leading from the master. Enjoy greenspace view beyond the expansive, landscaped yard. Mature trees & perennial beds provide lush privacy & tasteful stonework details, u/g sprinklers, retaining wall & exterior home accents tie it all together. Family & friends gather in the grand, lower level rec rm which boasts stained concrete floors for stylish & cozy feel. Basement entry leads to great utility room. Attached double garage heated. (id:2493)

The Difference Between Buying and Renting a Home

There comes a point in your life when you have to live independently and start deciding whether you should buy your first house or settle with renting one for now. The decision to look at homes for sale or properties for rent is often an event in a person’s life that requires careful decision-making.

Dealing with real estate is a serious matter because you pour your money and efforts into investing in a place you will live in for the next years to come. So, if you’re having a difficult time choosing between buying or renting a house, many factors will determine the best option for you.

One of the essential ways to help you decide with homebuying is to seek the guidance of a real estate agent who can advise you according to your situation. After you explain your financial situation and personal needs, they can tell you their professional opinion since they have been in the industry for a long time. Keep reading below to find out how to decide between buying or renting a home.

Dealing With Financial Responsibilities

Money plays an integral role when it comes to looking at homes for sale or rent near you because without being financially stable, you won’t even be deciding in the first place. For people who are currently on a tight budget and can’t see themselves spending a considerable chunk of their savings on a permanent home, renting may be the most viable solution at the moment.

Meanwhile, homebuyers can expect to address additional costs if you choose to look at properties for sale, such as the various commissions you’ll be facing, especially if you tend to move a lot. You will also have to answer to mortgages and all the strings that come attached to them.

Buying a home involves paying for taxes like land transfer tax and property tax, as well as other transactional costs that could all end up requiring you to provide for more than you previously signed up for. That’s why being financially stable is a factor that you need to look into before deciding if purchasing a home is worth pouring most of your savings into.

Dealing With Emotional Stress

Aside from thinking of your finances, your emotional health can affect your decision to either buy or rent a house in the long run. You can expect your emotions to be involved not only for the massive amount of money you’re investing but the environment you plan to live in as well.

Some homeowners who have gone through the experience of renting a house will recommend picking buying a home over renting one, but it will still depend on your situation and if you have the means. There are emotional benefits that come with owning a house, after all.

Since you have a property under your name and a place to call your own if you choose to buy a home, you can expect to deal with less stress, so long as paying for the house is something you can handle without much struggle. Having a permanent residence can result in focusing on achieving better healthcare, worrying less about crime rates, and dedicating your time to working harder to achieve your goals, one of them buying the house of your dreams.


The decision to either rent or buy a house comes down to what you think you need and what you believe will provide you with a sense of security and relief. Hiring the best real estate agent is also helpful, especially if you need sound advice regarding a significant milestone in your life. If you value your emotional health, then owning a permanent house is a good idea because it will put your mind at ease, reduce your stress, and assure you of your safety to raise a family in a pleasant environment.

Meanwhile, if you’re focused on growing your savings, renting a house is better at the moment, at least until you’re financially secure and have enough to jumpstart the bigger dreams in your life and begin settling once and for all.

Are you searching for homes for sale and considering your options? I am Chris Low, a real estate agent helping you buy and sell residential, commercial, and farm real estate. Get in touch today to book an appointment!

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